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Oliver Mehl-Tranberg


Oliver Mehl

I am a 3rd year student at Sonic College in Haderslev, Denmark. At Sonic College I am currently enrolled at the Sono- and Media Communication Bachelor programme.
Throughout my years at Sonic College I have learned and gained a strong set of skills in sound design and music.

Besides the learning process in school, I also focus a lot on music production in my spare time – I not only work on solo projects, but have also collaborated with a vocalist on several co-op projects.

The combination of my learnings at school and my personal experiences will amount to a web-released EP that will be released soon. A teaser will be available in the nearest future.



Lyden til denne video har jeg skabt som bestilling til Nordjællands største medie, Netavisen Nordkysten


A shortfilm from 1 st year at Sonic College, rookietimes. The music and sound design focuses on transitioning between up beat to melancholic to symbolizing rebirth.

This was made as a group project, where my main focus was the music, mix and mastering.

Exam project in advanced studio technic, second year at Sonic College.


Seven students worked together for six weeks. The task was to choose a cover-track and then restructure, record and mix it, in 5.1 Surround (So you better have the system!) The track we as a group chose, was Starring at the sun – by Tv On The Radio.
Don't got time for preload? Download the track here!

Kulturnatten Kbh

Copenhagen culture night 2015, Botanical garden – My interpretation of greenhouse 2 & 5, the subtropical climate.

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Se TV2 Lorry's udsendelse.

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  • Arbejde i DAW's (Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Logic Pro)

  • Auditiv formidling

  • Field recording

  • Computerspil (programmering, lyddesign, integration)

  • Digital lydsyntese

  • Lydlogoer

  • Studieindspilning

  • Speak, lyddesign til podcast, indslag til liveradio

  • Mix (stereo og 5.1 surround) og masterering

  • Produktion af jingler og lydbranding

  • Musikkomposition til film og video

Oliver Mehl

  • Præstegade 12A
    6100 Haderslev
  • +45 2465 3315